Mini Sessions

Forgiveness is for US, not THEM. You can be right or you can be happy. You have a choice. And by the way... Forgiveness does not equate an invite back to the party or a serious case of forgetfulness.  

Why do some Women lose weight during a breakup and others gain like crazy? We're conditioned from birth to avoid pain. It goes way back. Understand why and learn techniques to put the fork down. 

Music is everything to me. From Birdman to Chris Stapleton to Gospel. It takes us back. It takes us away. Wanna get your mojo back? It's all about mantras, meditation + music, baby. 

The key to effective co-parenting is to love your kids more than you hate your Ex. To do what's right for them even when you have to bite your tongue. Oh, and totally letting go of any control. 

Breakup Without The Bullshit